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We want to make it known that this Hungry For Change website is not the official website for the new enlightening DVD and movement:

Who is

We thought you would ask or wonder who we are then if we are not the official site for Hungry for Changes.

In the truest sense of the word, we are advocates of the movement being presented within the Hungry For Change DVD Movie.

After watching Food Matters a number of years ago when it first released, we know and knew quality when we saw it and it was spot on unveiling a lot of truth about the food industry we are currently dealing with.

Why Did we Create This Site?

To put it in common terms, you could say we are passionate about helping others, spreading the word, and have experienced our own natural health transformation over the past couple of years due to invaluable documentaries being released like Food Matters and Hungry for Change.

We also follow a number of the Hungry For Change cast members which you can see below or get to know more information about by visiting the official website as well.

hungry for change cast

The creators of this magnificent movement and calling is James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch who are both nutritional consultants who wanted to spread their message by film-making and documenting the discoveries of modern day diet, lifestyle, and environment.

Their motivation has helped millions around the world awake to the truth in the food, drug, and society health arena. This time they have brought a very reputable and respected class of indivudlas who are all experts in their own right and field who want to help portray an even stronger message so strike a chord in everyone who is searching for the answers and solutions to regain their health and wellness back.

The Hungry For Change Cast and film producers go by:

“We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself”

We created this site with one vision in mind, and that is to help encourage and strengthen the message that you are not alone in your health challenges as we all walk this earth and life together and the sooner we come together as one and start “fighting the forces of evil” we can begin to walk the beaches of thee world in unison.

Please bookmark this Hungry For Change Review website as we will be strongly encouraging and advocating user feedback, results, comments, and experiences regarding your thoughts and actions derived from watching this incredible dvd movie.

Thank you,

Troy & Melissa

hungry for change review

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