Making Changes on Your Diet

After watching Hungry for change you will start to understand how important is to start making changes on your diet. With “Diet” they are not only referring to getting on a “Diet”, they are referring to making a conscious shift of the food choices we make daily. Creating new and healthy habits is the only way to have radiant health, energy and a beautiful skin.

The truth is we live in a society that eats some much manufacture and process food that is hard to know what is considered to be whole natural foods. Understanding whole foods and the importance of LIFE foods, is vital to take proper care of the body. These are the only foods that have the power to restore the body to its natural state.

As humans we have lost the connection between body and mind, this may sound cliché and you may even feel like you hear this often, but beyond just saying it or hearing it, it matters to grasp the meaning of the body and mind connection. Making a chief to a whole natural diet will help you restore the connection with the body, as a result you will be attracted to real food, your body will crave LIFE food. The craving for real food will help your shift because it will no longer be a diet to force yourself to be on, instead you will naturally reject foods that don’t have any leverage in your body. Eventually you will have a greater understanding of why food, should be intelligent and properly selected.

hungry for changeOne of the first things you should do to begin your shift is to start drinking raw 100% natural vegetable juices. The truth is you may be starving your body for nutrition for years with out even knowing it. If we don’t drink a sufficient amount of fresh juice everyday is likely that the quota of nourishments ENZYMES is missing from the body. Enzymes are the element that enables the body to digest foods and absorb the nutrients into the blood streams. Enzymes keep us alive. The key for a healthy body lies in the LIFE preset in your food and in the intangible elements known as Enzymes. Wherever there is LIFE there are Enzymes.

Why we should drink 100% raw Vegetable Juices?

Vegetables juices are full of enzymes. The reason why they are so effective lies in the fact that juices have already separated the distilled water and minerals from the fibers.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why we drink the juice instead of eating the vegetables.

Normally when we eat a vegetable the digestive organs are in charge of separating the fiber from the minerals; this task can take the digestive organs hours to perform. By drinking juices we are drinking liquid nutrition and the body doesn’t need to spend energy on digestion.

The following are some of the best 100% Juice recipes and super foods you can start using to cleanse your body and start juicing. Note that you will also need a juice extractor machine to make the juice.

cucumber-juiceGreen Cucumber Detox Juice

1 cucumber
1 large cup of spinach
1 large cup of parsley
1 celery stock
1/2 medium lemon (not the peels) (Lemon has alkalizing effects on the body and helps with taste.)
1 tablespoon of spirulina on the juice.

Green Celery Fresh Juice hungry for change diet

▪ 3 Celery stock
▪ 2 BIG handfuls of spinach
▪ 1 medium cucumber
▪ 1/2 inch or teaspoon ginger root, peeled
▪ 1 bunch parsley
▪ Juice of 1 lime
▪ Juice of 1/2 lemon
▪ To enhance the detox effects add a tablespoon of spirulina, at the end and enjoy!!

The cat is out of the bag and the Hungry For Change DVD Movie free online premiere has been a huge success thus far.

Having went live and opened up with a free viewing of the Hungry For Change 90 minute documentary on March 21, 2012, it experienced over 140,000 views going on day 4.

While this is nothing like Kony 2012 30 minute documentary witnessed, this is a positive video that nearly EVERYONE on the planet needs to watch and take the time to apply and enjoy the insights being shared by some of the biggest and best “natural health” experts we have available to us.

Food Matters Part 2

The Hungry For Change movie can be looked at as an additional sequel to the Food Matters documentary released a four years ago which gained massive momentum and recognition concerning our food supply and sources. It taught us how our dietary choices and food selections effectively helps manage and maintain our health if properly applied and understood.

Hungry For Change keeps the story alive with relevant up to date strategies, tips, and methods on how you can create abundant energy, vibrant health, and settling with an ideal body weight. All of this without being dependent on some overnight diet fad that so many of us are accustomed to.

They have done an excellent job throughout the Hungry For Change dvd of tieing in and relating to common misunderstandings so everyone can come together and relate to the entire situation as a whole.

What Does Hungry For Change Raise Awareness About?

Within the Hungry For Change film you can expect to find solutions and paradigm-shifting actions that explain why the dietary choices we make on a daily basis can keep us stuck, and what the primary culprits are from keeping you not healthy and why the diet trap is has fundamental flaws before you even get started.

If you are one of those who are concerned for not only yourself and other individuals in your life, then this documentary can exploit why and how being healthy comes within and starts by with what you eat day in and day out.

Hungry For Change Review:

  • Why the latest diet fads and trends do not work
  • How you can overcome food cravings and addictions
  • How to read food labels and which additives, preservatives, and names to avoid
  • The real marketing truth about “FAT FREE” – “SUGAR FREE” – “DIET” products
  • Understanding what fat is and why the body produces it and can get rid of it naturally for good
  • The most effective and best methods to cleansing and detoxify your body on a cellular level

Some of the Hungry for Change cast members like David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Dr Mercola, and Mike Adams have huge followings online based off of their research and advice based on how to become healthy in the modern day standards of living.

You will also be brought up to speed on toxic chemicals and food additives like MSG, Aspartame, and refined processed white sugar. All of the negative health implications they can cause if you abuse and do not help your body get rid of these toxins and chemicals are also addressed and what you can do to help yourself out.

What’s Next after watching Hungry For Change?

Watch. Enjoy. Share. and Apply.

Many may be in shock and denial after watching such an eye opening dvd film but it is spot on to the truth about the foods and environment we are living in today.

One of the greatest ways and points the Hungry for Change movie reveals is your SKIN and how it is the ultimate indicator of how well things are working on the inside.

Most of us try to apply skin lotions, creams, and potions hoping to cover up what’s really going on at a cellular level as we are looking for superficial results.

The documentary really tried to portray the message of beauty comes from the inside out, meaning if you take care of your body on the inside, it will reflect and shine for you on the outside.

Because most of us eat a handful of times a day, how can something you do everyday, multiple times at that, not effect the body’s ability to heal, repair, and energize itself if it is getting little to no nutritional value from 80-90% of the foods we consume.

Healthy Skin, Healthy Body

One of the best indicators of overall great health is our skin. Why?

Well because it is the LAST place on the body to get nutrition and nutrients from the foods and liquids we put in.

The Hungry for Change cast members really drive home this point of some of the most noticeable changes we can experience when getting on a natural, wholefood diet is how the beauty elements (hair, skin, nails, teeth, white eyes, etc) really come alive and dramatically become healthier once we start to detox and cleanse our bodies overtime while supplying high quality, bio-available nutrients.

David Wolfe had one of the BEST RECOMMENDATIONS during the film (even though every Hungry For Change interviewer had excellent points and information) and that was about SILICA SUPPLEMENTS.

Along with David Wolfe (who runs and manages the world’s largest natural health convention multiple times a year), we 100% agree with his FIRST recommendation of silica supplements.

Silica has long been regarded as nature’s beauty mineral for its profound health benefits for the hair, skin, nails, and teeth.

You can do an internet search on silica supplements and their health benefits for your own learning, but speaking from personal experience, silica has had the most profound impact on our health than any other mineral, supplement, or ingredient you can find.

You can find our recommended silica supplement which acts a whole body systemic detoxifier and internal cleanser that has dramatically helped not only us, but the people and close family members who we have suggested this to.

We look forward to hearing your comments, feedback, and reviews about Hungry for Change. We encourage all of you to get the message out there and start sharing a plan of action that can help us all out when it comes to leading healthier, more vibrant lives with one another.

SilaLive Silica Supplement

SilaLive Silica is the only silica supplement on the market that we can find with both beneficial forms of the silica mineral in it: diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid (organic silica). Click the link below to find out more about it.

hungry for change

We want to make it known that this Hungry For Change website is not the official website for the new enlightening DVD and movement:

Who is

We thought you would ask or wonder who we are then if we are not the official site for Hungry for Changes.

In the truest sense of the word, we are advocates of the movement being presented within the Hungry For Change DVD Movie.

After watching Food Matters a number of years ago when it first released, we know and knew quality when we saw it and it was spot on unveiling a lot of truth about the food industry we are currently dealing with.

Why Did we Create This Site?

To put it in common terms, you could say we are passionate about helping others, spreading the word, and have experienced our own natural health transformation over the past couple of years due to invaluable documentaries being released like Food Matters and Hungry for Change.

We also follow a number of the Hungry For Change cast members which you can see below or get to know more information about by visiting the official website as well.

hungry for change cast

The creators of this magnificent movement and calling is James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch who are both nutritional consultants who wanted to spread their message by film-making and documenting the discoveries of modern day diet, lifestyle, and environment.

Their motivation has helped millions around the world awake to the truth in the food, drug, and society health arena. This time they have brought a very reputable and respected class of indivudlas who are all experts in their own right and field who want to help portray an even stronger message so strike a chord in everyone who is searching for the answers and solutions to regain their health and wellness back.

The Hungry For Change Cast and film producers go by:

“We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself”

We created this site with one vision in mind, and that is to help encourage and strengthen the message that you are not alone in your health challenges as we all walk this earth and life together and the sooner we come together as one and start “fighting the forces of evil” we can begin to walk the beaches of thee world in unison.

Please bookmark this Hungry For Change Review website as we will be strongly encouraging and advocating user feedback, results, comments, and experiences regarding your thoughts and actions derived from watching this incredible dvd movie.

Thank you,

Troy & Melissa

hungry for change review

“This inspiring film has the power to transform your health!” – Anthony Robbins, World Renowned Peak Performance Expert.

Hungry for change is the latest movie co-directed and co-created by James Colquhoun that is sure to change your perspective about nutrition, health and how to take care of your body forever. The name James Colquhoun may sound familiar to you from his first movie “Food Matters“, now he is back with another brilliant film to make a positive impact on all of us. The movie will have a Free Online Global Premiere March 21-31, 2012.

Watch Hungry For Change Trailer


Many people believe that 2012 is the year of transformation. We all want to be full of energy have radiant health and look younger, the problem is most of us don’t know how to take proper care of our body and for the most part are naive about the food industry. The truth is you can’t protect yourself from things you don’t know are happening.

Hungry for change is a powerful film that aims to address the shocking secrets of the weight loss industry and the deceptive strategies use by the food industry to keep us spending and craving more food. As a society we should know that man has evolved and to keep ourselves relevant we must take part on that evolution and understand that there are new discoveries that can transform our life if we are open minded enough to accept them.

We all have been stuck on a particular believe system for too long, so it can be hard to face the truth. The current facts and millions of testimonials from people that have transform their live has proven that we are no longer in the dark and the knowledge to take care of our health is now reachable for everyone who makes a commitment to understand. Hungry For change is an eye opener a film to create lasting weight loss, vibrant health and energy. You will be challenge to examine your roles not only as a consumer of food but also as a creator of food, systems and the world we live in.

Have you ever wonder if food is what’s keeping us in the diet trap?

hungry-for-changeHungry for Change features interviews with the best selling authors and medical leading experts that can help us discover what is keeping us from having the health state we all want and how to get it. Leading experts like David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jason Vale, Frank Ferrante, Mike Adams, Jon Gabriel, Dr. Cristiane Northrup, to name a few.

Is important for us to understand that we need to become conscious of what we are eating. Further more we need to really KNOW what we are eating. Life is a journey and the best way to live it is by creating positive habits that will makes us better and having a greater understanding on how and why to choose what we eat everyday.

Is time to find out if you are stuck in the diet trap… are you ready?

In the Free Online Premier of Hungry For change you will learn:

  • Learn your way around the supermarket, what to buy and what you should avoid.
  • The real fact about “DIET” “SUGAR FREE and “FAT FREE” products.
  • How to read food labels and what food additive we should avoid
  • What is fat and cellulite and how we can get rid of it forever
  • How to eat for clear eyes glowing skin and healthy hair
  • How to effectively detox your body and the best detox programs available.

In this film you will see some of the most popular leading experts in nutrition, many people that have had health struggles before and how they have continue their health journey today.

Watch the film, apply it, and learn it because it may save your life!